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Blogging life: My 21 favourite digital marketing and blogging tools and what I use them for
3 May, 2015

A couple of days ago, on the anniversary party of Galicia TB, the travel bloggers association of Galicia, we went over some…

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cabañas de Lires
Where to eat and sleep at Costa da Morte, Spain
20 April, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Muxía, Fisterra and Dumbria area, the south and less known area of Costa…

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15 once-in-a-lifetime experiences you can only live in Galicia, Spain
12 April, 2015

When you say Galicia, first things that come to my mind are green mountains, amazing food, welcoming people, #TheWay, and the wild sea….

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St Petersburg
Wish list: these are my Top 3 Travel bucket list destinations
6 April, 2015

When I think of travel, I tend not to think of lists. What to visit before you go 30? Top destinations…

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Praia do Rostro - Rostro Beach Muxia Finisterre Galicia
9 Photos – 9 reasons to fall in love with Costa da Morte, Spain
30 March, 2015

Far from the sun and the beach-style idea of Spain, there’s a place where the world ends and legends and myths…

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wrestlers at Sumo match Tokyo
Things to do in Japan: going to a Sumo match in Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan
23 March, 2015

There’s a sentence at Time’s 10 things to do in Tokyo I like: Forget Kabuki, Sumo is better theater. When I…

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Blue tiles guimaraes
Guimarães, Portugal – from the #RescuedPhotos project
21 March, 2015

Last month I decided I would post pics from my pre-blog trips, those that I did before I had a digital…

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9 “not so common” pictures from my last trip to Lisbon, Portugal
18 March, 2015

I was checking my pics for a post I’m working on (must-sees of Lisbon sort of post, which I haven’t finished…

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shape the future of innovation contest
Test your travel innovation with #TAPcreative and help shape the future of aviation
9 March, 2015

TAP wants to become an airline of the future, and it wants everybody to help them achieve it. So if you think you can do something to shape the future of aviation and travel, just drop by and tell them what you’d do, you could win 5.000 €

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Visiting dragons at Nikko, one of the most beautiful Unesco World Heritage Sites in Japan
8 March, 2015

Japan has many world heritage sites, just two hours away from Tokyo, Nikko and its dragons are a must visit you should consider visiting. Here is what I saw and my tips if you are planning to go there.

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