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Cies Islands views
Things you should know before you visit Cíes Islands and Rodas beach in Galicia
4 July, 2015

Last week I packed my bag and set to a day at Cíes Islands, the amazing islands at Ria de Vigo…

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packing for a wedding
Lessons recently learned: how to pack for a wedding
25 June, 2015

I might be a little crazy, but it’s hearing the word wedding and I get stressed out… I might not be the…

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a visit to El Rastro flea market in madrid
A visit to el Rastro in Madrid: the ultimate route to uncover the spirit of the most famous flea market in Spain
23 June, 2015

They say that it is possible to find almost anything on a visit to El Rastro flea market in Madrid: from…

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Cartel Tio Pepe Madrid
What and where to eat in Madrid, some tips for a weekend food experience without going expensive
15 June, 2015

Madrid is widely known because of Prado and Reina Sofia museums, Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor, the bullfights and Retiro park… It…

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Confessions of a travel blogger: 9 things I don’t do right (when I travel)
30 May, 2015

Some time ago my friend Maruxaina nominated me to one of those blogging chains where you need to do something and…

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Nijo Castle Japan
Planning a trip to Japan – some ideas for a couple of friends who are getting married
24 May, 2015

Last week I went to check a wedding list from some amazing couple that is getting married (yes, you know who…

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how to fight travel stress
8 tricks to fight travel stress (specially if you are travelling for business)
20 May, 2015

Travel can be stressful: change of schedules, depending on others, unfamiliar places and annoying company can make you sad, mad or…

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Looking for rock art in Galicia bronze age spain
A trip back to the Bronze Age in Galicia with the Rock Art Roll team
8 May, 2015

When I was a kid, I used to love the Indiana Jones movies. Of course, the movie series does not portray archaeologists…

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Digital Marketing and Blogging tools for free
Blogging life: My 21 favourite digital marketing and blogging tools and what I use them for
3 May, 2015

A couple of days ago, on the anniversary party of Galicia TB, the travel bloggers association of Galicia, we went over some…

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cabañas de Lires
Where to eat and sleep at Costa da Morte, Spain
20 April, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Muxía, Fisterra and Dumbria area, the south and less known area of Costa…

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