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Nijo Castle Japan
Planning a trip to Japan – some ideas for a couple of friends who are getting married
24 May, 2015

Last week I went to check a wedding list from some amazing couple that is getting married (yes, you know who…

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wrestlers at Sumo match Tokyo
Things to do in Japan: going to a Sumo match in Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan
23 March, 2015

There’s a sentence at Time’s 10 things to do in Tokyo I like: Forget Kabuki, Sumo is better theater. When I…

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Visiting dragons at Nikko, one of the most beautiful Unesco World Heritage Sites in Japan
8 March, 2015

Japan has many world heritage sites, just two hours away from Tokyo, Nikko and its dragons are a must visit you should consider visiting. Here is what I saw and my tips if you are planning to go there.

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Matsumoto Castle under the rain
Visiting Matsumoto Castle, Japan
1 March, 2015

A visit to one of the most famous castles in Japan: Matsumoto-jo, house to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the great shogun and a great door to the Japanese Alps

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