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Cies Islands views
Things you should know before you visit Cíes Islands and Rodas beach in Galicia
25 March, 2018

Last week I packed my bag and set to a day at Cies Islands, the amazing islands at Ria de Vigo…

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Arribes del Duero Miranda do Douro Portugal
Miranda do Douro: the hidden gem that beats at the eastern end of Portugal
13 March, 2018

For many people, Portugal means stunning sea landscapes, beautiful villages and pasteis de Belem. It is all true: the landscapes the…

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Aeropuerto de Madrid
What is the cheapest way to go to Madrid airport? (…and how to go to the airport at night)
6 February, 2018

If you asked me 6 or 7 years ago, I would have told you that the cheapest way to go to…

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Pasarelas del Rio Paiva Portugal
The 12 spots near Porto you can’t miss (and you most probably never heard of)
13 January, 2018

2017 was a year full of travels and discovery: I’ve explored the Irish mountains and cliffs, learnt about almost unexplored islands…

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jarveys' horse Killarney Ireland
Killarney: a trip to the heart of Ireland (music, nature and lots of craic!)
6 November, 2017

Just a few steps from the minimal train station and some couple of hours away from Belfast (via Dublin), the wild…

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cuchara de palo
It was due…
27 September, 2017

I’ve been neglecting the Trucosviajeros microsite in English to work on the project and it was about time to go…

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Why visit Kalmar Castle Sweden
Uncovering Kalmar: not just a beautiful castle
7 June, 2017

It’s high season in Sweden now, but still one of the best times to explore the country on your own, from…

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Lisbon in 100 bites food guide Portugal
Lisbon in 100 bites, a foodie guide to Lisbon that focuses on what, not where
3 May, 2017

Almost a year ago, I met with Zara from BackpackMe in Stockholm and we had a great conversation about food & travel……

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Graffiti Djerba Island Djerbahood
Learning about Graffiti in an unexpected place: Tunisia
19 April, 2017

My liking for street art started long time ago in Mexico city. The amazing murals from Orozco, Siqueiros or Diego Rivera…

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Why travel to Tunisia in 2017
Go back to Tunisia! Why now is the perfect time to travel to Tunisia
17 March, 2017

This year, when I started writing my travel resolutions, I forgot (again) to write down Tunisia. It was not because of…

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