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eventos para bloggers
Events for travel bloggers. Where can you find travel bloggers in 2019 (and the last months of 2018)
1 November, 2018

While it might seem that we have almost the same thing year, after year, when I shared this “events for travel…

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LaconNetwork Nómadas Digitales Galicia Vigo
Next April 27th: we have a date at the LaconNetwork in Vigo
15 April, 2018

The first LaconNetwork for DIgital Nomads will happen in Vigo! When Patricia from Impact Hub Vigo asked me to join them on…

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Nomadas digitales oficinas espacios de trabajo
Where do digital nomads work when they travel?
16 January, 2018

Whenever I talk about digital nomadism or freelancing, specially about having clients located hundreds of miles away and working for them…

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cuchara de palo
It was due…
27 September, 2017

I’ve been neglecting the Trucosviajeros microsite in English to work on the project and it was about time to go…

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Do you know your buyer persona? Identify your ideal reader – Free data sheet
10 March, 2016

Buyer personas are fictional representations of your ideal customer. We use them at different marketing stages to shift our focus…

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Murphy’s cousin: about the art of detecting issues and making things happen
17 January, 2016

I’ve been asked lately about the “Murphy’s cousin” I write on my social networks bio. You’d have guessed by my surname…

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3 free SEO books to understand SEO, what it is and why you need
10 January, 2016

Today SEO or free positioning on search engines is a profession on itself, ever changing and very complex. However, there are…

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New years’ eve resolutions: better project management
1 January, 2016

I don’t know how you are at planning and meeting deadlines. If we ever meet, and I hope we do, you’ll…

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Digital Marketing and Blogging tools for free
Blogging life: My 21 favourite digital marketing and blogging tools and what I use them for
3 May, 2015

A couple of days ago, on the anniversary party of Galicia TB, the travel bloggers association of Galicia, we went over some…

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