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Blue tiles guimaraes
Guimarães, Portugal – from the #RescuedPhotos project
21 March, 2015

Last month I decided I would post pics from my pre-blog trips, those that I did before I had a digital…

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9 “not so common” pictures from my last trip to Lisbon, Portugal
18 March, 2015

I was checking my pics for a post I’m working on (must-sees of Lisbon sort of post, which I haven’t finished…

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shape the future of innovation contest
Test your travel innovation with #TAPcreative and help shape the future of aviation
9 March, 2015

TAP wants to become an airline of the future, and it wants everybody to help them achieve it. So if you think you can do something to shape the future of aviation and travel, just drop by and tell them what you’d do, you could win 5.000 €

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Visiting dragons at Nikko, one of the most beautiful Unesco World Heritage Sites in Japan
8 March, 2015

Japan has many world heritage sites, just two hours away from Tokyo, Nikko and its dragons are a must visit you should consider visiting. Here is what I saw and my tips if you are planning to go there.

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Where to find free Wifi in Lisbon, for the connection addicted
5 March, 2015

Always connected, these are the 5 places where you can find free WiFi in Lisbon, Portugal, besides your hotel, apartment or office 😉

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Rua Augusta MUDE fashion and design museum Lisboa
Discovering Mude, the design and fashion museum of Lisbon
3 March, 2015

If you take a look from Lisbon’s Rua Augusta, the Design and Fashion Museum of Lisbon Mude won’t catch you attention. Just…

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Matsumoto Castle under the rain
Visiting Matsumoto Castle, Japan
1 March, 2015

A visit to one of the most famous castles in Japan: Matsumoto-jo, house to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the great shogun and a great door to the Japanese Alps

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marmite scone by caroline via flickr
International food: 10 dishes that have changed the way I view the world
22 February, 2015

These are the 10 international dishes that have impacted the most to the way I view the world.

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Pazo de Oca with fogs surrounding
What to do near Santiago de Compostela: a day trip to A Estrada
26 January, 2015

I will start by saying that Galicia is not a place you can only visit in the summer. This trip to…

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Visit to Lugo, Spain: what to see in the city besides the Roman Wall (Unesco World Heritage)
21 January, 2015

Lugo, a visit to the Unesco World Heritage Site home of the famous Roman Wall in Galicia, Spain

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