When I think of travel, I tend not to think of lists. What to visit before you go 30? Top destinations in Asia for 2015?… I like to read them, but never truly follow the list.  Life and friends have taken me to amazing places around the world that were never on my top-list and I love them. Belgium, for example, or Dominican Republic.

But most recently I have gotten to a point where I need to select where I want to go. Time (and money) are limited and I feel I need to set up some goals. So here is my Top3 travel bucket list destinations, let’s see how long it takes me to go there 😉

1. go see the Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis, a beautiful name for a natural phenomenon that is best seen above the Arctic Circle.

One of the main reasons why I want to go there is that each view of the Aurora is different for each person. It might be the sound, the location, the environment… but every person I ask tells me a different story about their experience, even when they where on the same group on the same trip at the same exact location. So it might be the true unique experience that should go on my bucket list.

Aurora Borealis by Tom on Flickr

Another reason why I feel attracted to the north is the cold: I was born near the Tropic of Cancer, on a city with an average 16º C temperature. Then we moved, a different continent, but again on a city which has never had snow on its streets. When I grew older: New York, Madrid or even Tokyo, but never a place as cold as the regions of Finland, Norway, Iceland or Sweden where you can see the northern lights.

There is also something about the people who live in extreme places, how they survive, and some feeling of discovery that is appealing.

More reasons? Anywhere you choose to view the northern lights, there are plenty other things to do. There’s wilderness, history, design, culture… Plus, it’d be a good reason to put my camera to the test 🙂

2. Easter Island, the center of the world

The center of the world, or Tepito Ote Henua, the house of the Rapa Nui.

Last week I was at the end of the world (Finisterrae for the Romans) in Spain. Actually, the world ends in many places: Fisterra in Galicia, Verdens Ende in Norway, World’s End at Horton Plains in Sri Lanka, and so on. As there are also many places now acclaimed as the center of the world or even the center of the Universe.

So why Easter Island? Well, none of those places is so remote and isolated as Easter Island. Even now, when everything is so connected, there is only a daily flight available from Santiago de Chile to Hanga Roa’s Airport.

There’s the moai, the pink sand beaches, the volcanoes and the ancestral traditions. But also the calm and a way of living that talks more about timings and less about deadlines.

3. discover Russia from St. Petersburg

Once, the imperial capital and home of the Tsars, now a modern metropolis.

There is something about the Golden domes and the tiled façades that has always felt like decadence to me. But, if there is something that defines St. Petersburg for me, it is art. The Hermitage Museum is there, with enough pieces and items to spend a whole month (or a whole year) there and still discover something new every day. And the Russian Museum and the Erarta Museum. There is the Fabergé Museum and all the pieces of art at the churches and the Cathedral.

St Petersburg

St. Petersburg from haylee on Flickr

And there’s ballet and street art, classical music and new performers… there are also de canals (please don’t call it the Venice of Russia, not every city with canals is the Venice of something) and with the canals, the bridges, and the mansions around the bridges…

Well, at least, that’s what I’ve Heard 😉

And now,

What are the top3 travel destinations on your bucket list?

Transun, is hosting a contest among travel bloggers for a trip to the Northern Lights (yuhuuu). To enter, all you have to do is write a blog post about your top three travel bucket list destinations, explaining why you’d love to visit them. Once it’s published just send it to @Transun using #TransunLights from your tweeter account.