This year is the 70th anniversary of the airline and they have decided to celebrate their birthday with a creative contest. Thinking on innovation, they are looking for the ideas that will shape the future of innovation, specifically, the future of TAP.

To do so, they have joined Startup Lisboa to launch a sort of crowdsourcing contest of ideas that would boost the results and management of the airline in 7 different areas:

  • Experience pre-boarding
  • On-board experience
    • entertainment
    • services and operations
  • Engagement and client fidelity
  • Sustainability
  • Engineering and maintenance
  • Operations management

That said, there are several areas that require specific knowledge (like operations management) but there are many others where any experienced traveller could add value to the company. And therefore they have opened the contest to everybody.

Which is why I like this contest so much. It’s open to anybody (no matter their nationality) and startups with less tan three years, even teams can sign up and propose their ideas to the airline, as long as they select 1 spokesperson.

What’s more, you don’t even need a business plan, the contest will allow you to take your idea to the next level with the help of track-record professionals.

How to sign up

Just visit their site and fill a simple questionnaire before the 31st of March. You’ll need to be 18 years old or a company with less tan 3 years. And you can write it in English or Portuguese.

You can send a proposal to each of the 7 categories, just as long as you don’t send the same one to different categories (if it can fit in different categories they’ll place it where they believe it can be more valuable.) Also, you can´t win in more tan one category. However, the intellectual property remains yours, so you could always develop your idea by yourself.

You can win 5.000€ and get your idea developed (or get help to develop it), or in-kind awards if you are one of the 7 that get to the final round (one per category.)

So, do you have the idea that’ll shape the future of aviation?